Why Do People Turn to Music for Answers?

Let’s be honest,whenever you’re in that certain mood;you listen to music. When you’re happy it’s because you’re listening to your favorite music. Music is the answer to everything. It connects with you and touches you where the person closest to  you have might not even be near to. Like for example,i’m listening to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell (Live)http://youtu.be/gkeCNeHcmXY (couldn’t find it live,sorry)

Some songs like that just pull on your little heartstrings. Depending on what type of person you are. Music is the truth,its the missing piece when you have nothing to say. Music is life,love and everything in between. It can drive someone crazy if they don’t listen to music for a good long while. 

So I guess what i’m trying to say is, people turn to music for answers because,it’s always there. It has answers. It’s dependable and a better alternative for anything else.



Apparently you guys like questions. The two posts I titled with a vague question got the most views. So,thank you for viewing my posts and my website. I will make sure to question my life and environment more often.


How do you know if you’re ready?

“You may be young but you’re ready….

Ready to learn…”

              -Some old R&B singer

Some people say you just know…. I don’t like that answer. So, are you saying that on that one night,you were alone with that person that you may or may not have been in love with and you just felt something shift and thought: “Okay…i’m ready.” Is it really that simple?

Well, I was just wondering because..on there’s a huge dance coming up. I’m not saying i was going to,but i’m also not saying that I didn’t plan on it. The point is,is that a little part of me wants to. He’s not rushing me and i’m happy for it,but I just want to know if i’m fully ready or not.

The Finals (dunh,duuhn,duuuuhn….)


So,the biggie,(besides science fair which i’m being forced to do) , the Finals. Which is just mid-year because at my “charter” school,that’s what we do. It was a week full,partially full,of tests. We had 2 a day and then afterwards, we could leave school if we wanted. 

The tests consisted of all our classes and if we stayed we got to do,missing work,study,or what most students did: played around and did stuff on their phones. “Jimmy Johns” (that’s what he wants to be called) only stayed for two days and the rest of the three,he left cause he said he had stuff to do. That left me lonely because my friends seemed to be busy and my sometimes friends just left me alone.

What Do You Do When…


…when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut…when sleep is your beautiful escape from reality..when you’re avoiding communication with people (but secretly hunger for attention)? I’ll tell you what I do: I curl up in bed at 6 pm., then realize I have a blog to write so it’s the only reason I get up. I say i’m okay and put on a brave face when someone asks about me. When I randomly tear up I pretend that i’m laughing really hard. This is me: a random person complaining about life. Mentally,I urge my self to get over whatever “this” is,but I just fall right back into the hole of self-pity.

Do What Makes You Happy…..


While in the middle of a “bad” phase,I was desperate for inspiration. I came across theses five little words that mean so much. I thought this phrase was so ridiculously simple: “Do What Makes You Happy”. It’s significance sparkled and gleamed as I imagined my meaningful future. It’s actually not easy.

How can you possibly do what makes you happy when you’re focused on others happiness? Or how can you do what makes you happy when everything around you points to negativity? Thoughts like these always popped up when I tried to climb up the magical emotional mountain. Personally,I am a person of extreme doubt. Sometimes,I just need a nudge to help me get through. (most of the time,coffee) I am still trying to find what makes me happy….but as i’m growing I am learning to appreciate the little things that can mean so much.

What do you do to make yourself happy?