Do What Makes You Happy…..


While in the middle of a “bad” phase,I was desperate for inspiration. I came across theses five little words that mean so much. I thought this phrase was so ridiculously simple: “Do What Makes You Happy”. It’s significance sparkled and gleamed as I imagined my meaningful future. It’s actually not easy.

How can you possibly do what makes you happy when you’re focused on others happiness? Or how can you do what makes you happy when everything around you points to negativity? Thoughts like these always popped up when I tried to climb up the magical emotional mountain. Personally,I am a person of extreme doubt. Sometimes,I just need a nudge to help me get through. (most of the time,coffee) I am still trying to find what makes me happy….but as i’m growing I am learning to appreciate the little things that can mean so much.

What do you do to make yourself happy?


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