Why Do People Turn to Music for Answers?

Let’s be honest,whenever you’re in that certain mood;you listen to music. When you’re happy it’s because you’re listening to your favorite music. Music is the answer to everything. It connects with you and touches you where the person closest to  you have might not even be near to. Like for example,i’m listening to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell (Live)http://youtu.be/gkeCNeHcmXY (couldn’t find it live,sorry)

Some songs like that just pull on your little heartstrings. Depending on what type of person you are. Music is the truth,its the missing piece when you have nothing to say. Music is life,love and everything in between. It can drive someone crazy if they don’t listen to music for a good long while. 

So I guess what i’m trying to say is, people turn to music for answers because,it’s always there. It has answers. It’s dependable and a better alternative for anything else.


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