What is Love? (baby don’t hurt me…)

So……..love. “Jimmy Johns” wants me to blog about this.


Love is beautiful. Without love there is pain and sadness and bad stuff.

I really “think” i love “jimmy” but,according to my mother I am not old and wise enough to truly love in that way. But to me, love is when he looks at me when i’m all tore up and messy, and tells me i am the most beautiful girl in the world. Love ,to me, is when you can look at each other and one of you says something and the other says that was what they were just thinking about. Love,to me, is when you have no one to turn to,he is there with his arms open and the right words to say. It’s when he can make you laugh when you want to cry. When he can make you feel alive when you want to die. Love is electrifying. Love is believing; it’s feeling; it’s seeing;it’s imagining. 

Love is beautiful!


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