What’s Wrong With Me….

He found out why i’m hooked onto him,or at least part of the reason. I just have dependency issues and feel the need for “someone” to be here,comfort me, and make me feel wanted. I never promised him a relationship; I just well its like this:
    So you know how sometimes I talk about my ex? Well I guess it started with him dumping me and I had grown,have grown,such a strong dependency on him that i just wanted someone to make me feel something like he did during our relationship. I didn’t even realize what was happening to me at first; I just knew that I was searching for something and what made me notice was little things but this morning when we,(I and the guy from above. The “He”) talked it hit me like my head was being smashed by a cement block of truth. I felt as if i needed(need?) a replacement,or distraction from these feelings about my ex and thats where guys come in. They give me the satisfaction of what’s stated above,and remind me that somewhere deeply hidden inside my negative/horrible personality and dumb,unnatractiveness that i’m worth something and might actually be a good person even though a lot of times i hate myself…


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